Mackage co-creative directors Elisa Dahan and Eran Elfassy give us an inside look at the Fall/Winter 2016 collection.

Mackage's Soho New York Store.

C: What are the top three things that go into creating a great piece of outerwear? 

EE & ED: We can’t narrow it down to 3, as there are actually 4 fundamentals that go into creating a great piece of outerwear: DESIGN, FIT, QUALITY and FUNCTION. We don’t compromise on any of these fundamentals and strongly believe that the relationship between Fashion and Function is essential to creating not only a great piece of outerwear, but the very best outerwear.

C: What inspired you to launch in the outerwear market? 

EE & ED: We were inspired to launch Mackage back in 1999; there was nothing to wear that was fashionable and would keep you warm without looking like the Michelin Man!

Handbag details from the Mackage FW16 collection.

Structured and embellished at Mackage.

C: The brand has since expanded into a full RTW collection with accessories. What’s next on the wish list for Mackage? 

EE & ED: Our handbag collection is without a doubt our most exciting new venture. The sky is the limit with what’s next, as we are constantly being inspired!

Outerwear from the Mackage F/W 2016 collection.

C: We loved your 2015 artist in residency initiative featuring Bradley Theodore. Why is art important to the brand? Who is on your list of dream collaborators? Why? 

EE & ED: We absolutely loved being able to collaborate with Bradley Theodore on the Underground Artist Curated Exhibition at our SoHo store. Art is such an inspirational aspect to the design of our collection and we are constantly searching for new and different ways to channel that in our outerwear, handbags, and accessories. It would be exciting to collaborate with Tom Dixon on a furniture and home accessories line; we seem to share similar aesthetic. Also, fellow Canadian, Ben Gorham, creates such amazing scents under his brand Byredo and we would love to collaborate on a Mackage scented candle with him.

Eran Elfassy and Elisa Dahan with Bradley Theodore in the Soho, New York.

C: What advice would you give to new fashion entrepreneurs? 

EE & ED: The best advice we would give to new fashion entrepreneurs would be to find your niche in the market and really stand behind your product and what you are trying to convey to the customer. It is easy to blend in with other brands out there so it is key to find something to differentiate yourself from the rest.

C: Wearable technology continues to be an emerging theme in the fashion industry. What wearable technology are you most excited about for outerwear?

Mackage F/W 2016 Collection.

EE & ED: Wearable technology is something we are interested in exploring further.  In 2014 we began offering gloves that are touch screen compatible.

C: If you could be an apprentice to anyone for just one day, who would it be?

ED: Coco Chanel.

EE: Bjarke Ingles, because he is a Danish architect whose work I really admire.

C: Hailing from Canada, what is a must do (or see) when spending time in NYC?

EE & ED: What a hard question! We are lucky that we get to frequent NYC on a regular basis as our headquarters is in Montreal, which happens to be a quick one hour flight away. One first must do is a visit to our SoHo flagship at 123 Mercer Street; we love to hear what has been selling and why. Our next stop is at our showroom and office to check in with the sales team.  Our Canadian and American offices are very interconnected.  On weekends, we love to do brunch at SoHo House and then pop right over to The Whitney to see the latest exhibit.


This post originally appeared on Coterie New Noteworthy. Photography by Allison Fry.