The view from VEDA's Downtown NYC showroom.

We paid a visit to VEDA's downtown NYC offices, and spent some time with founder and head designer Lyndsey Butler & team. Read on for an inside look of the brand's NYC space and a one-on-one Q&A with Lyndsey.

Q&A with Lyndsey Butler

C: How did you get your start in the fashion industry?

LB: I interned for a fashion brand, in their NYC sales showroom, while I was finishing up college. That internship quickly turned into a job and eventually a career.

C: What was your AHA fashion moment? (A moment that you feel profoundly influenced your perspective on style and design.)

LB: I can’t think of one specific, defining moment. I feel like I am always gathering inspiration and translating it into the collection.

C: What was the origin of VEDA?

LB: After working in fashion for a couple of years, I noticed a void in the market for well priced, high quality and great fitting leather jackets.

VEDA Founder and Head Designer, Lyndsey Butler.

C: What is your favorite part of the (design) process?

LB: We make all of our development samples in our downtown NYC studio, so I love the time when the sketches are coming to life. It is extremely rewarding to concept something and then have it be a real tangible garment in a matter of days.

C: Who is your ultimate muse?

LB: For the 2016 Pre-Fall season it was, Georgia O’Keeffe. My inspiration changes with each collection.

The VEDA team in their NYC headquarters.

C: Matte or metallic?


C: What is the VEDA girl doing on Saturday night?

LB: Probably having a drink and seeing a show (live music). 

C: We saw some pretty cool custom creations with Alice Lancaster. Who is next on your list of dream collaborators?

LB: The list is long – but it would be super fun to work with a denim brand.

C: What is your advice to new & aspiring fashion entrepreneurs?

LB: Ask a lot of questions and try and work with people who know more than you. 

C: How important is social media to VEDA? The fashion industry?

LB: It seems to only be growing in importance. For us, it has been such a great tool for staying connected and engaged with our customers and stores.

C: If you could do anything differently about your first Coterie experience, what would it be?

LB: I wouldn’t have ordered in wall racks! And I would have worn more comfortable shoes. 

C:  Tips for Coterie first-timers?

LB: Stay hydrated and bring snacks!

C: What gets you through the day: Cappuccino or English breakfast tea?

LB: Cappucino!

Details at VEDA headquarters in NYC.


This post originally appeared on Coterie New Noteworthy. Photography by Allison Fry.